Friday 12th August to Sunday 14th August 2022

Club Scritches | Doghouse | Kennel Klub| Scots Pups Would like to invite you to: K9 Camping on Friday 12th to Sunday 14th August 2022, where the campsite at Stanley Head Activities Centre ( will be transformed into a large outdoor Kennel. This will be followed by an after party at Gossip Nightclub in Stoke (the home of Doghouse) on the night of Sunday 14th August 2022. Pups, foxes, pandas, kitties and any other animals, along with well behaved handlers, are invited to come along for a weekend of being “pup”. Come and meet like minded individuals and relax in a safe environment, play in the pup play tent, go for walkies, or take part in the on site activities. You will need to bring your own tent, but don’t worry if you don’t have one - don’t let that stop you, get in touch with us and we can see what we can do. Details on how to sign up, price and options for the activities are on this website. Please note that due to the site rules, Bio Dogs are not permitted.
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