About the Event

This will be the first joint pup camp event ever held in the UK!

Club Scritches | Doghouse | Manchester Pup Social| Stoke-on-Trent Pride

It will be helped at the beautiful Stanley Head Activities Centre in the glorious Staffordshire countryside.Three great events coming together as one, supported by the team at Stoke-on-Trent Pride

What will be there?

We’ve thought long and hard about what makes a good away break and here’s what we’ve come up with.

  • The Doghouse will be bringing there TOUR Tent
  • This will have mats, toys, a ball pit and a sound system
  • We will be having a BBQ (included in ticket price on the Saturday)
  • There will be food catering van providing meals and breakfasts at very reasonable cost. Your also welcome to bring your own food but camp fire are sadly not allowed.
  • We will be having a bonfire in the evenings where we can roast marshmallows
  • The centre will have several activities that we can tag on subject to cost and demand. Further details to follow.
    Seminars and classes on pup/BDSM topics.

In addition to this Stoke-on-Trent Pride will be bringing there star Marquees and Generators (so no need run out of power on your mobile phones).

We will be open from 15:00 on the 17th May until 12:00 on the 19th

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